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Vision Boarding Tips

Tips for actually building a board and marinating on it.

Tips for Building the Board

I tend to shy away from giving concrete advice on "how to make a vision board" because I feel that everyone responds to and absorbs visuals and information in different ways. Remember, the board itself is only a tool that is used to ignite your story and vision, so it doesn't really matter how it looks, as long as it takes your mind to that manifestation space and helps you to "marinate" or soak in your experience/s. If you are feeling stuck on this part of the process, check out some of these great tools and videos on setting up your own board.

Tools for Digital Boards:


Mind Meister

Envision App

Powerpoint or Keynote

There are many apps in the AppStore and Android store for Vision Boards


Physical Boards:
Physical boards can be glued onto poster board, or pinned onto corkboard. It can even be a book or journal! It's really up to you. 

There are also different ways to organize your board, some people organize by theme, color, category, feng shui Bagua, emotion... it's really up to you and how you absorb and process visuals. Here are some sample videos out there:

Lavendaire discusses traditional vision boarding and measuring growth.

Jordan uses online imagery to create her board.

Paris walks through setting up a Feng Shui- organized Vision Board.

Tips for Marination

Once you build your version of a board- you need to use it! 

And actually, once you get really good at what you want, you may not even need your board anymore , you'll be able to visualize without the tool. 

"Marination" - the act of soaking in your desires - needs to happen on a daily basis. It can be 90 seconds or 30 minutes, it doesn't matter so long as you train your brain to live our your dream - in the present- in your head and body. 

Marination can come in many forms, but it all must be in present-tense as if you already are living it and it's almost a memory that hasn't yet happened:

  • Sit in front of your board and look at the image, and think of your experience

  • Daydream about your experience

  • If you are religious, you can pray about your experience 

  • Write about your experience

  • Meditate/rehearse mantras

  • Guided Meditation - if you are unable to do it on your own

My favorite guided meditation is from Kathy Freston. She has several meditations that are about 20 minutes each. They are great to wake up to and listen to or listen to before going to bed each night. Her albums can be found on itunes or CDs on Amazon and she covers topics like:

Finding a Great Relationship

Perfect Weight

Creating a Breakthrough

Visualizing Pregnancy

Sleep Deeply



The Daily Dose (daily meditation)

You can also listen to some Meditations I have curated here.

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