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TVBG Process

The Ultimate Method to Changing Your Life

You can Google or YouTube about a thousand ways to put together a vision board. Check them all out! I find that most people fall short in a few areas where TVBG can help.

CRT: Clarity, Resonance, Trust

CLARITY (Be Clear): You cannot set up a vision board without clarity around who you are and what you want. You should be able to articulate what you want in an "I am/have" statement. No clarity? Fly by the seat of your pants? Those will be your results. GET CLEAR. TVBG can help you do this.

RESONANCE (Be specific): Things can only shift if you vibe with them. You need to be in the right headspace and picking images and words that align with that. It's not enough to pick something nice, you need to pick something that moves you on a cellular level. You need to be able to tell a specific, descriptive story.

TRUST (Believe): Lastly, you must believe. You must believe you are deserving of these things. You must believe they are meant for you. You don't have to know how, why or when, you just have to know it's coming and trust that it is.

Be clear. Be Specific. Believe.™ 


Why do I need a Vision Board?

Why will this process help?

Sometimes we can't always articulate what we want in our life.  A vision board not only helps us with this articulation, but inspires something within us to cause an energy shift. There have been many books out there on the law of attraction, this helps that process along. 

Are there things in your life that you want, but don't know how to attain? Maybe it's a job, a lifestyle, a husband or a wife, children. This process can help get you there. All this process does is clarify your own belief system, dreams, and goals and put it into a more tangible reality. 

Why do I need a guide?

How does this work?

If you understand the concepts, can believe, and release your dreams, trust the process and let it go, then you do not need a guide. But if you are feeling stuck, feel as though you are ready but nothing seems to be happening, don't know where to get started, or need accountability, that's where a guide comes in.

Jessica will reach out to you 1-1- to find out how ready and open you are for amazing changes in your life. Sometimes we think we are, but there is more internal work to be done before we can get clear, resonating, and trusting. Once it's been established that you are CRT ready, we will talk about the process of coming up with your board. Then you will do the work of creating your board, daily meditations, and image work. Finally, we will check in periodically to see if you are following the plan and how you are progressing. I have seen manifestations within hours and some up to a few years. 

How do I build an actual board?

Will my life actually change?

TVBG doesn't actually build your board for you. That is up to you!

There are a lot of amazing and inspiring boards out there and a lot of ways to put yours together. Check out our tips page for inspo and how-to's!

Well, my friends, that is all up to you. 

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