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No offense, but most people aren't vision boarding the right way. Or maybe they have and nothing has come true. Sometimes we just need a guide or a little help along the way to get us going. That's why I'm here.

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Vision Boards

I'm Jessica. I was introduced to vision boards over ten years ago and didn't really understand how they worked. I thought they were a little too floofy and New Age for my liking. I read up on them, attended a few workshops. I "built" my vision boards a few times, only to have them collect dust.


Finally, a friend of mine explained vision boards in a way that finally resonated with me. I didn't realize that I wasn't psychologically ready or open yet to receive my dreams. Once I got clarity and trusted the process, my life began to change.


I've now been masterfully vision boarding for 10 years. I've manifested everything I could possibly want in my life, and I want to show others how to do this too. I take philosophies from Law of Attraction, The Secret, Eckhart Tolle, general spiritual leaders and many others and apply it to an easy-to-digest format. 


Is there enough for everyone? YES! This process is a lot more than just putting up magazine cutouts (although that can be a fun part of the experience). It takes some serious internal work, understanding and growth to effectively use this tool.

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